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While unity in the liberty movement often seems just out of reach, libertarians from across the country have been speaking out against vaccine passports.

Resolutions against the implementation were passed by the Libertarian Party National and several state and county affiliates, while Twitter ranged from a calm Justin Amash to the controversial messaging from LP Kentucky. One tweet in particular, likening the passports to the stars of David used prior to the Nazi holocaust, sparked quite a bit of outrage and support. Soon after, a group of protestors in Israel utilized the exact same comparison.

Several prominent figures, like LP candidate for National Chair Angela McArdle and comedian Dave Smith have been featured on several podcasts urging against the passports as well. A common criticism of libertarians is a lack of nuance, with the philosophy often generalized as “government bad,” but the argument against the passports came from every direction. Some solely focused on the State’s involvement, others decried corporate tyranny as just as dangerous, and most cited government and corporate infringement and abuse from the lockdowns through the war on terror.

No matter the argument, be it concern about the creation of a two tier digital caste system or the violation of an individual’s body autonomy and right to privacy, the consensus is a resounding no.

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