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US News

  • Using isolation to prevent suicides in prison, makes it more likely people will attempt suicide. [Link]
  • The US Supreme Court rules that civil asset forfeiture can violate the 8th Amendment. [Link]
  • Texas will execute a possible innocent man, Rodney Reed. The state is refusing to DNA test the murder weapon that could prove the man in innocent. There is other evidence that suggests Reed is innocent. [Link] 
  • French President Macron said NATO was dying. US Secretary of State Pompeo said the alliance must grow to survive. [Link]
  • The US imposed sanctions on three Nicaraguan government officials. [Link]


  • The Spanish high court reissues arrest warrants for three members of the former Catalan government that held an independent vote in 2017. [Link] Two of the members were arrested and released in Belgium. [Link]
  • Ukrainian and rebel forces are withdrawing from the front lines in the Donbas region. [Link]

Hong Kong

  • A student fell to death as police were breaking up a protest. [Link]


  • The Afghan election results will likely be delayed again as the candidates are arguing over what ballots should be counted. [Link]
  • Three judges were killed at a checkpoint in Afghanistan. The government claims the Taliban were behind the attack. [Link]


  • Eight people were killed by a bomb in Turkish held Syria. Turkey blamed the bombing on the Syrian Kurdish militia. [Link]
  • Turkish backed Syrian rebels are abusing Syrian Kurdish civilians. [Link]


  • At least five protesters were killed by Iraqi government forces on Saturday. [Link]
  • Seventeen rockets landed near an Iraqi base hosting US soldiers. [Link]
  • Five Italian soldiers were injured by an explosion in northern Iraq. [Link]

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