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If you’ve been involved in the Mises Caucus for any period of time, you’ve probably heard something about the “Libertarian” Party of Nevada. For those of you who aren’t in the know, the “LP”NV is one of the biggest disasters and jokes in the country. The party’s leadership—specifically the Chair (Jason Smith) and Vice Chair (David Colborne)—are a bunch of apathetic, lazy, and fake libertarians. They hate us, Ron Paul, the Mises Institute, and anyone who has the audacity to promote Rothbardian principles. Additionally, it was due to the existence of Jason Weinman, one of the most insufferable and vile individuals the movement has ever had to deal with, that led to the party’s downfall. Nevada has had the misfortunate of letting these clowns maintain control for almost a decade, but at long last, the winds of change have arrived. Today, March 13th, 2021, the Mises team here in Nevada was able to gain majority control over the excom for the Libertarian Party of Clark County. We were able to install individuals into the positions of Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. While this isn’t a complete takeover, it helped us send a clear message to Smith and his team of cohorts. Since the Mises team for NV came together last year, Smith and Colborne acted as if we would accomplish nothing. Within one year’s time, we forced them to eat their words. We have proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that we are organized, motivated, and ready to take this party back from them and their corruption. Smith failed to utter a word to any of the individuals who won positions, and there’s a clear reason why: he’s panicking. He now realizes that everything is ready to change, and there’s absolutely nothing he can do to stop the walls from closing in on him. And speaking of “nothing”, there’s something I forgot to mention: neither Jason Smith nor David Colborne will be seeking reelection at Nevada’s upcoming state convention. They’re trying to convince people that they’re burnt out, but if either one of them is reading this, I have a question: how can you be burnt out when you’ve wasted everyone’s time doing absolutely nothing? If their definition of “doing things” is walking into an office and sitting in a chair, then maybe it’s time for the two of them to hit the gym and get some cardio in.

I want to send a message to all of the Mises Caucus people who are fighting to their state back from the Weinmans, Smiths, and Colbornes who are in control of their location’s parties: you can do it! Let our accomplishment today give you the motivation to keep fighting. No matter how much you’re attacked, ridiculed, and ignored, don’t stop pushing forward. I believe in you, Michael Heise believes in you, and every person that you surround yourself with as you move ahead believes in you as well.

Today was only the beginning for the Nevada chapter of the Mises Caucus. Come May 1st, we will band together and initiate our own “Shot Heard Around the World”.

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